Cooperation between Bjarg íbúðafélag and IKEA

Bjarg íbúðafélag and IKEA have made an agreement for a cooperation for Bjarg's apartments. Bjarg will seek to use IKEA's interior in the company's apartments and IKEA will participate in the design-process of the apartments and plan the design with the aim of achieving maximum space utilization.

7. November 2018

Bjarg´s waiting list

818 applicants had signed up on Bjarg´s waiting list by the end of July. Numbers have been drawn among those applicants and waiting list number can be found on “my pages” on One numbering is for everyone, regardless of the type of apartment or location.

16. August 2018

Estimates of rental prices

Bjarg has made plans for the rental price for apartments in Móavegur, Urðarbrunnur and Akranes.

4. July 2018