16. August 2018

Bjarg´s waiting list

Netborði 1080x360.msg.jpg

Signing up on a waiting list at Bjargi Íbúðafélag became available on May 15th, 2018. Some time was needed for the message to reach the union members (of ASÍ and BSRB) and a decision was made that all applications made before July 31 would be entered in a pool and applicants ordered by drawing lot.

818 applicants had signed up on Bjarg´s waiting list by the end of July. Numbers have been drawn among those applicants and waiting list number can be found on “my pages” on bjargibudafelag.is. One numbering is for everyone, regardless of the type of apartment or location.

New applicants can still register on the waiting list, registrations received from the 1st of August 2018 are sorted according to their submission date and become active when confirmation payment has been received.

Signing up for an apartment is made in two steps

Each time apartments are available for applications, Bjarg sends mail to all applicants on the waiting list with further information.

If an applicant is interested in a particular location, he/she must submit an application. The applicant with the lowest number on the waiting list and who fulfills all the conditions for allocation, taking priority criteria into account, cf. Article 4 of the allocation rules, will be offered an apartment. Applying is for an apartment type/apartment size in a particular house.

Construction has already started in two places within Reykjavík, in Spöng í Grafarvogur and also in Úlfarsárdalur. These projects are well on their way and on schedule. The first apartments in Reykjavík are scheduled to be ready for rent in July 2019 and will be open for applications in September.

More of Barg's projects are being prepared in various municipalities in Iceland, here you can see the process of the projects.