7. November 2018

Cooperation between Bjarg íbúðafélag and IKEA


Bjarg íbúðafélag and IKEA have made an agreement for a cooperation for Bjarg's apartments. Bjarg will seek to use IKEA's interior in the company's apartments and IKEA will participate in the design-process of the apartments and plan the design with the aim of achieving maximum space utilization.

Bjarg's focus is to provide tenants long term rent, therefor it is important that tenants can adapt the apartments to their needs. With the cooperation, tenants can adapt their apartments with IKEA solutions after they have moved in. A special IKEA brochure will be prepared for Bjarg’s tenents.

Björn Traustason, Managing Director of Bjarg. "Bjarg seeks every possible way to make cost-effective apartments and to serve the tenents in the best possible way. Cooperation with IKEA meets both of these goals. To give tenants the opportunity to customize apartments to meet their needs at a affordable cost is new in the rental market and we look forward to working with IKEA. "

Þórarinn Ævarsson, Managing Director of IKEA. "We at IKEA are proud to get involved in this challenging project with Bjarg. IKEA has for years been the leader in interior design, with the emphasis on utilizing limited space as best and at the best possible price. "