Cats and dogs are not allowed in Bjarg’s houses/apartments except for certain defined apartments that are applied for and allocated separately. Animals that cause inconvenience and disturbance to other residents are prohibited.

The following rules apply to apartments that allow pets:

Only one pet is allowed per apartment.

Tenants are required to have a valid registration/permit for the pet from the municipality.

Tenants must ensure that the pet does not cause danger, inconvenience, uncleanliness or disturb other tenants. The tenant must immediately prevent these situations from happening. If the animal causes fear, nuisance, uncleanliness, or damage to other residents, it is not permitted to have the animal in Bjarg’s apartments.

Tenants must follow pet regulations set by the municipality on animal keeping and the regulations of the relevant ministry on both hygiene and welfare of pets.

Bjarg may come to the leased property to see that these rules are enforced.

Bjarg may terminate a lease agreement for violations of these rules.

A liability insurance must be purchased for dogs that covers all damage that the dog may cause to humans, animals, flora, and property.

It is not permitted to keep dogs of the following breeds:

  • Pit Bull Terrier, Fila Brasileiro, Toso Inu, Dogo Argentino, American Bulldog, American Staffordshire (Amstaff), Boer Boel, Middle Eastern Ovtjarka, Anatolian Sheepdog, Caucasian Ovtjarka, Sarplaninac, Southern Russian Ovtjarka, Rottweiler, Tornjakber, Tornjak, Boxer, Husky, Alaskan Malamute.
  • Hybrids of the above species
  • Hybrids of wolves and dogs
  • Large dogs that can cause fear
  • Other breeds that are dangerous or undesirable after gaining experience or the opinion of experts, e.g. veterinarian or dog trainer.

Dog owners are obliged to remove feces which the dog may produce.

It is prohibited for the pet to be free in the common areas. If the pet needs to be taken through the common areas, it must be held or kept in a cage. All dirt that may occur during this transportation must be cleaned up immediately by the pet owner.

Dogs are not allowed to roam free; this is taken very seriously. Dogs must therefore always be on a leash outside the house and in the care of a person who has full control over them. However, dogs may be kept free within a dog-proof enclosure/fence, but only under the supervision of a responsible person that has full control of the dog.

Bjarg may set new rules regarding pet keeping if it becomes apparent that it is necessary.