24. April 2020

Covid-19-Payment delay


Bjarg íbúðafélag has a temporary payment delay intended to assist tenants who are experiencing payment difficulties following a job loss or reduced employment rate due to COVID-19.

Tenants that become unemployed or have their employment rate decreased, because of the COVID-19 virus, after April 1st., 2020 (first possible day to delay payment will be the 1.st of may 2020) to delay payments of partial amounts of their rental fees for up to 6 months.

Payment delay for each month can at maximum be 50% of the tenants monthly rental fee.

The payment delay option is temporary.

Only tenants whose payments are up to date, who are not in arrears with their lease payments and have valid security for their lease can apply for the payment delay option. If their security becomes invalid or inactive during the payment delay period or during the active time period of the rental contract, then the payment delay agreement becomes invalid, as well as the lease agreement.

A request for deferral should be sent to bjargibudafelag@bjargibudafelag.is

See further information here.