10. January 2020

Applications are open for new locations


Applications are now open for apartments for rent in new locations; Hallgerðargata (by Kirkjusandur) in Reykjavík, Hraunbær in Reykjavík, Silfratjörn (in Úlfarsárdalur) in Reykjavík and in Gudmannshaga, Akureyri.

In order to be eligible for allocation, you must submit an application through "My Pages".

Please note that Althingi has recently passed a legislative amendment which raises the maximum criteria for the income and assets. See here conditions regarding allocation. 

Further information about the apartments now available can be found on Bjarg's website, bjargibudafelag.is.

Note that an application for an apartment at Bjarg is done in two steps and it is not enough to be listed on the waiting list, you also need to check the desired location/locations.

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