Article 1

These rules apply to the multi-dwelling housing of Bjarg íbúðafélag, and contain instructions on the use and the utilization of the joint property and the orderliness of such use, both indoors and outdoors. These rules furthermore apply, as appropriate, to special-ownership facilities and place restrictions upon the owners about their utilization. The rules apply to everyone residing in the building, and who stay or come there under the auspices of the tenants.

Article 2

Every person to whom these rules apply in respect of use and utilization of the building, the common site and other joint spaces, are obligated at all times of day and night to exercise reasonable and normal consideration for the other inhabitants of the building and their visitors, and shall in every respect abide by these rules and the society’s decisions thereon.

Article 3

The inhabitants and other users are obligated to exercise orderly and quiet demeanor at the apartments, the site and other joint facilities and shall not unnecessarily disrupt the peace and order in the building. An effort shall furthermore be made to cause the inhabitants as limited disturbance and discomfort as possible, and shall show full consideration for their fellow inhabitants in every instance of their use of the building.

Article 4

Using the joint facilities or sites for other purposes than those intended is strictly prohibited.

Article 5

The main entrance door of the building shall generally be locked as well as doorways leading to other joint facilities. Motor-driven equipment, bicycles or other that which may disrupt entrance and traffic by the building may not be left by the main door or at the gangways.

Article 6

Keeping cats and dogs is prohibited in the building except in especially specified apartments whose lease stipulates such an authorization. In instances where maintaining animals is allowed, the relevant animal shall not cause disruption of peace and must be registered with the municipality. Any other maintenance of animals is prohibited if this causes inconvenience and discomfort for other inhabitants.

Article 7

Effective from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. is a ban on any activities in specially-owned properties, jointly owned ones, or at the outdoor site of the building that may disrupt the peace and sleep by other inhabitants of the building.  Additionally, an effort shall be made not to cause any unnecessary disturbance or noise. Construction causing noise shall be carried out on regular weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In the instance of social gatherings being held, the immediate neighbors shall be notified and steps are taken to ensure minimum noise.

Article 8

Items, bicycles, baby carriages, footgear or other such that limits joint spaces, or causes uncleanliness or lack of orderliness is not permitted.

Article 9

The joint bicycle and carriage storage facilities are only intended for the storage of bicycles and carriages, prams or children’s sleighs. Motor-driven vehicles, for example, motorbikes or motor sleds may not be stored in the joint facilities.

Article 10

Utmost cleanliness and caution regarding items that may cause odor or lack of orderliness shall be maintained in the apartments’ private storage facilities. Storing inflammable or explosive materials in the building or on its building site is strictly prohibited, in the apartments, the storage facilities or in other joint spaces. Furthermore, everyone is obliged to exercise caution in respect of fire.

Article 11

Waste and other garbage shall be placed in special wrappers and carefully closed so as to prevent them from opening when disposed of. The inhabitants are obligated to exercise utmost cleanliness and hygiene in their handling of waste, and may not put anything in the waste containers other than general domestic waste. The inhabitants should abide by the most stringent rules on waste grading.

Article 12

Storing on the balcony any items that could cause discomfort or inconvenience is not permitted, or items that affect the physical appearance of the building or its overall image as jointly owned structure. Dusting carpets, mats and runners from the balcony is prohibited. Nothing may be thrown out of windows or over a balcony of the building.

Special causation shall be shown when washing the windows to prevent leakage onto the windows below.

Article 13

Nothing shall be stored in the building’s joint facilities that causes tightness, uncleanliness and disfigurement, or causes ugliness and negative impact on the overall appearance of the building and its immediate surroundings. The building site shall furthermore contain nothing that negatively affects its appearance or causes delays of traffic. The building’s car parking area shall not be used as storage for unregistered or damaged vehicles, and the board of the house association and/or the owner of the building are authorized to have such vehicles removed at the expense of the owner after having sent him a written notice about the pending procedure. Additionally, there shall be nothing on the site, neither for short or longer periods of time that may cause disturbance to the traffic near the building and affects normal access to the building.

Article 14

Any messiness and bad conduct on the building site or at any other joint facilities of the building, and may be traced to tenants or people acting on their behalf is deemed as being a serious breach of these rules and may result in the termination of the lease.

Any member of the building and/or owner of property is authorized to have removed at the expense of the tenant anything that is left at the joint facilities or the building site, including trailers or unregistered/damaged vehicles.

The joint facilities and the site shall be kept neat and tidy. If this is ignored the owner of the housing is authorized to have the situation amended at the expense of the tenant.

Article 15

Any intrusion, infringement or harassment by a lessee or persons acting on his behalf towards other inhabitants and guests is strictly forbidden. Such conduct is deemed as being a serious b breach of these rules and of the articles of association of the house association.

Article 16

These house rules are an inseparable part of the lease on apartments in the building and are considered as being rules of conduct in the interpretation of Article 30 of the House Leasing Act no. 36/1994.

A breach of these rules could derive in a termination of the lease and expulsion from the building as provided for in Article 61 and Article 30 of the House Leasing Act no. 36/1994. The association of the tenants shall keep a record in the instance of repeated offenses and shall inform the owner of the building if requested. Serious offences shall be notified the owner without undue delay.

These rules have been introduced to the tenants and the tenants have introduced the rules to the members of the households of the apartments and to others who have regular access to the housing.

If a disagreement arises over uncleanliness, noise or for other reasons, complaints thereon shall be made with the board of the association.

The board may at its own initiative and on grounds of notifications and requests, intervene in disagreements as soon as possible and shall endeavor to take conciliatory measures on grounds of these rules and the instructions of the articles of association.

In the instance of a disagreement arising over these rules and breaches of the rules, the board shall examine the situation and hear the views of the disputing parties and shall seek to resolve such disagreement by means of conciliation between the same.

Article 17

Tenants are obligated to carefully introduce these rules to guests and others who enter or stay in the building and to emphasize to them the importance of the rules being fully abided by. A copy of these rules shall always exist and be accessible in all apartments of the building. They shall be introduced at the beginning to tenants.

In the event of a special environmental and social policy for the building being established, all tenants shall endeavor to honor it in their conduct. 

Article 18

These rules are set in conformity with the articles of association of the building, as accepted at the association’s initial meeting.